Soul Warming

Each night these days

theres cold and wind

blows through spaces

gathering up

white hot letters to put together.

A’s b’s, c’s and others

that are best placed with a pencil

whose eraser’s been spent.

The clay spirit must be

visiting someone else’s chest.

I don’t mind. And hope you don’t either.

I’ll be back when I’m able to share the fires

that unrelentingly rock my cells.

Right now

they’re busy burning paper.

That’s made from trees.

It is my hope to fix them up

for fancy heart warming.

Next Up:

Owl Cape Marys

Owl Cape Marys

Dear Ones,

Winter solstice of last year was the first time I shared the Marys with you. They all sold. People who purchased a Mary had the option to choose a poem that I had written to accompany their Mary. The poem: Our Lady of Owl was chosen most.

So, I did a meditative journey with Owl to learn more about All Knowing Essence that so many have a connection with. Then came the Owl Marys.

On Saturday, December 13th, I will be giving a talk about the connections and similarities between Owl and Mother Mary and why Mary is sometimes dressed in an Owl Cape. I invite you to join me in celebrating Mother, Owl and diving deep into All.

The Owl Marys plus others will be available for purchase. I am offering them at a special price of $45 and $75.

M O T H E R   M A R Y   A N D   O W L

C A M E   R O U N D   T H E   B E N D

A   S c u l p t u r e   E x h i b i t i o n   a n d   A r t i s t   T a l k

S a t u r d a y ,   D e c e m b e r   1 3 ,   4 – 8 p m ,  A r t i s t   t a l k   7 p m

S u n d a y ,   D e c e m b e r   1 4 ,   n o o n – 4 p m

S K Y L I G H T   G A L L E R Y

1 0 2   W E S T   K I N G   S T R E E T

H I L L S B O R O U G H ,   N C

Dirty Majesty

Can you see the osprey?

Can you see the osprey?

Guts on the trail can keep a girl upright.

Guts on the trail can keep a girl upright.


When I bow to your


my crown connects

with your entire being.

From the top of my head

I receive

so many informations

as to blind


makes for a dizzy

way to walk


Taking you in.

Fleshy Mary

I noticed Mother Mary inside. Of lots of people. She’s flesh. And blood. Mixed and mingled. Any Body can call her in. Use her voice for creating, clearing. Let’s do it.

IMG_4946 copy

While dead animal flesh

sets upon land

please thank you

lets go into the origin

of sickness.

Pull it out.

Go deep in.

We’ll swim with rotting


and need not be


cause our blessing


cure dis-ease,

spark un-speakable


Opening Sparks

I’ve been getting heaps of clear amazing views of big hawks lately. Standing around. Getting their supper. They’ve been after country mouse and city mouse.

Oh! here’s one now.

on top.

On top.

nice view.

Nice view.

Since its getting dark, my muse has begun chatting.

Two fine ways a sassafras makes leaves.

Two fine ways a sassafras makes leaves.

So much easier to hear when there’s less to see.

Goodnight sweetie.

Goodnight sweetie.

Dark dinners are easy to access this time of year.

Can you see the bats?

Can you see the bats?

While most everyone else is busy being quiet, resting from the harvest, I’ll be filled with electricity. The listening kind.

Our river's moving slow today.

Our Eno moving slowly.


There are fruits that appear from heart.

Pouring light from stars

to fill earth waters with healing informations.

Ocean waters

human waters

salty mirrors.

Here are letters joined for incantations

to spell a fresh world.

Let the wand of fire

direct opening sparks of recognition


Popping peaceful alignments

with grids of Gaia.

Love and pleasure shivers

add to




of a new day.

Let us be the ones who point

to center where a pulse

spreads joy throughout.

Tell Me Something I Done Know Already

In between groping around for Mary Listenings,

I looked at some science.

This girl Mary is so young she can still see in the dark.

This girl Mary is so young she can still see in the dark.

A fascinating paper on consumer fronts. Groups of creatures devastating ecosystems. Where environmental stress is likely to cause top down control of prey. Talking about imbalances creating imbalances. Boy are there a lot of those to notice. Thanks folks for your work. So many details carefully, thoughtfully put together for us to see. Sea creatures that are made up of stars do it. Bugs do it. Mammals too.

This Mama Mary figured out how to turn her imagines into real.

This Mama Mary figured out how to turn her imagines into real.

These are things we know. Dump toxins in the sea. Cause an imbalance. Take too much from the sea. Cause an imbalance. Ok. Already. Mow over a population. Cause anger hate imbalance. We did that. Do that. Just like our urchin friends in Nova Scotia.

Here’s the difference:

We got Creator.

Humans have Creator inside. Call it what you like. Mojo. Magic. There is science in the world that says humans got Creator Inside.

Ok lets say there’s a pulsing planet with all kind a spirit creatures on it including rocks and snakes and apples and


Urchins are our friend, earthly companion but not Creator. They don’t have powa to bring in spirit from the center of the earth from the up in the sky to generate the love that is healing, rejuvenating, linking our planetary grids back up wheres they belong.

We don’t have to act like them. Urchins. Mowing for survival.

We survived already! There’s no need to be in such a rush about it. We done did it.

See? No need to be in a mode that’s not necessary. Let’s stop studying it. End studying what’s not working. Outlaw it. There are now hefty fines for shining magnifying lights on things that do not work.

Theres lots of precedent for spending only tiny amounts of energy on what does not work. Ball players do it. Inventors do it. Business owners do it. Chefs do it. They are NOT shining a light on rotting compost!

What I want to know is this:


I saw so many solutions at the herbal conference that I am dizzy.

There was peace there. Zero mowing.

Lets roll.

Lets roll.

Breathing. Spirit moving. Heart listening. Unending healing lunatic synchronicities.

Thats the world I want to live in. Where people are not scared. Where there is no fear.

Where there is not environmental stress increasing the likelihood of top down control.

We are not urchins.

Gaia Working Women

The Herbal Conference at Lake Eden was magic.

View from my booth and tent.

View from my booth and tent.

My assistant, Krista is a Super Star. Bringing hot herb tea at just the right moments, answering questions from customers with grace, and all around being Foxy Lady on the Spot all weekend.

People cried. When they saw the Marys. And held them.

So many Marys flew out the door. Found new homes.

The Marys greeted conference participants.

The Marys greeted conference participants.

I did many intuitive readings each day. Krista and I happily scrambled and reconnoitered our schedules to accommodate so much interest.

The pottery I brought to sell generated ooooohs and ahhhhhs.

The limelight however, landed on


of All Creation.

There were lots of women walking, dancing, laughing, being Creator Goddess Mary.

Night fire.

Night fire.

If you’d like to connect with other Gaia Workers, take topnotch herbal classes, plus a katon of other classes to support the expansive you, and dive into so many ways to transform our planet, then SEWHC is your friend.

You’ll have an experience of Matriarchy and leave shiny.

Mark your calendar for next year: OCTOBER 1-4, 2015

Taking it on the Road

I’ll be selling pottery and sculptures at the Southeastern Women’s Herbal Conference in Black Mountain, NC round the bend from my alma matter Warren Wilson College.

Since I was organized and had all my ceramic work done and I seem to insist on staying up all night to make ONE MORE THING before a show, I made a new banner for my booth.


I used a cloth that my friend Berkeley gave me. Her job is to batik clothing and she gave me an antique table runner that she dyed.  I sewed some letters on it. Letters that spell my name! It was so fun.

While I cut and sewed, I listened to a book on tape called The Firebird. It is a historical novel and the two main characters use their psychic abilities to find the origin of a small handmade fire bird sculpture made in Russia but found in Scotland. I drank Scottish tea too. So fun to listen, and get a history lesson while experiencing a relationship between two normal people who can hear each other’s thoughts and dive into thoughts that are placed in objects. I love hearing other peoples thoughts too! A good reason to clean up our thoughts.



While I was sewing, I ran out of white thread and found some. It was quilting thread. From olden days when I was studying to be a scientist and happened to be lactating so I was measuring DHA in milks from peoples, sheeps and goats. Do you know who has more? While all that was going on I still had to make things with my hands so I got into quilting.


I didn’t use the thread on my banner because its too heavy. I found some off white from my Gram’s stash. I noticed then that I have done some living. And qualify for middle age.

The conference should be a good time. Being with a group of females healing each other with things that come from Gaia. And others things we grow and make.

Speaking of healing, we won’t be wandering around all broke up and needing fussing over. On the contrary, the last time I went to the conference, the level of connectedness and health among the group as a whole, felt remarkable. Able bodied people coming together to share learn and support each other in remembering the ways of plants. And stones. And other ways of working with Gaia.

Truck loaded up!

Truck loaded up!

Between Now & Then

There were some things that happened since my last post.

I took Jolene back to college. We sang songs on the way through the hills and dales.

Our band, The New River Rock Skippers, got second in the band contest at Happy Valley.

Tim cut his finger.

The air got cool.

I saw the pleiades in the sky.

Our band, The Sharp Point Rounders,  got second in the band contest at Hoppin John.

I cleared the kids rooms of all their left over stuff and the rooms are nearly: a guest room & a music room.

I got fancy introductions to more of the Unseen.

I’ll be back before too long.

Theres more things cooking, besides bone broth.




This Bull Ain’t Lost

I brought the sprig mold home from Maine!

This weekend, me and some bull mugs will be at the Cookery’s Brunchy Sunday… Y’all come get some.

Details HERE.

These mugs are in the kiln right now.

These mugs are in the kiln right now.

Here are some more snapshots of 3 weeks of Maine bliss. Plus thoughts on Lost and Found.

I rowed this boat.

I rowed this boat.

An astrologer pointed out that I have 5 planets in the constellation Taurus. That’s 5 out of 12. Which is close to half.

It could be that some folks that know me coulda told me that too.

Looking out on a chilly day.

Looking out on a chilly day.

An old friend said I was lost. I don’t think its true. Me being lost.

Sticky death trap.

Sticky death trap: Sundews in Maine.

And after I got done being in shock and crying a lot, it got me thinking. I been lots of things. Confused. Rejected. Crazed with laugher. Terrified. Blinded by the spark of someone’s eyes. Horrified. Judgmental. Sunk deep in the soil of lust. Mystified by the birth of a child.

Lost, however, is not something I know much about.

We rigged and sailed the cutest sail boat that lived.

We rigged and sailed the cutest sail boat that lived.

Me knowing Found started about when my mother was dragging me all around the states of NC and VA in her VW beetle with a canoe and kayak on top. Lots of times it was dark. And the roads were dirt. I always got us there with ease. Plus some maps. And a flashlight.

At home people loose things. I find them. I’m the finder. Not the looser.

Pitcher plant. I doughnut want to be inside of there!

Pitcher plant. There’s poison in thar.

Now, when I’m in a strange city, I can find dinner. I ask my imaginary friend and he sexy tells me where to go. I can specify what I want. The best always shows up. Its uncanny. Yeah I still use maps sometimes. Cause it can be stressful and hard to hear myself in the mist of the hell of the 95 eastern corridor. But I don’t need to.

Cutie pies.

Cutie pies.

The work I have been doing of putting pure consciousness into form: forms called Clay Sculptures is completely logical. We humans in baby diapers, need things to wrap our minds and hands around. Pure consciousness ain’t one of them. We can’t wrap our minds around it. Cause its too mushy and wavy and how could you package the thing that gives you joy and goosebumps? Not really possible. To wrap a wave. Even an ocean wave would be difficult. To tie a bow around.

Bliss on an island.

Bliss on an island.

So I’m bringing it down and into clay. Wavy, magic, life giving, creation.

I’m not fighting you Mister You-Say-I’m-Lost. Instead, I be: Ferdinand the bull.


Here’s one now.


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