This Bull Ain’t Lost

I brought the sprig mold home from Maine!

This weekend, me and some bull mugs will be at the Cookery’s Brunchy Sunday… Y’all come get some.

Details HERE.

These mugs are in the kiln right now.

These mugs are in the kiln right now.

Here are some more snapshots of 3 weeks of Maine bliss. Plus thoughts on Lost and Found.

I rowed this boat.

I rowed this boat.

An astrologer pointed out that I have 5 planets in the constellation Taurus. That’s 5 out of 12. Which is close to half.

It could be that some folks that know me coulda told me that too.

Looking out on a chilly day.

Looking out on a chilly day.

An old friend said I was lost. I don’t think its true. Me being lost.

Sticky death trap.

Sticky death trap: Sundews in Maine.

And after I got done being in shock and crying a lot, it got me thinking. I been lots of things. Confused. Rejected. Crazed with laugher. Terrified. Blinded by the spark of someone’s eyes. Horrified. Judgmental. Sunk deep in the soil of lust. Mystified by the birth of a child.

Lost, however, is not something I know much about.

We rigged and sailed the cutest sail boat that lived.

We rigged and sailed the cutest sail boat that lived.

Me knowing Found started about when my mother was dragging me all around the states of NC and VA in her VW beetle with a canoe and kayak on top. Lots of times it was dark. And the roads were dirt. I always got us there with ease. Plus some maps. And a flashlight.

At home people loose things. I find them. I’m the finder. Not the looser.

Pitcher plant. I doughnut want to be inside of there!

Pitcher plant. There’s poison in thar.

Now, when I’m in a strange city, I can find dinner. I ask my imaginary friend and he sexy tells me where to go. I can specify what I want. The best always shows up. Its uncanny. Yeah I still use maps sometimes. Cause it can be stressful and hard to hear myself in the mist of the hell of the 95 eastern corridor. But I don’t need to.

Cutie pies.

Cutie pies.

The work I have been doing of putting pure consciousness into form: forms called Clay Sculptures is completely logical. We humans in baby diapers, need things to wrap our minds and hands around. Pure consciousness ain’t one of them. We can’t wrap our minds around it. Cause its too mushy and wavy and how could you package the thing that gives you joy and goosebumps? Not really possible. To wrap a wave. Even an ocean wave would be difficult. To tie a bow around.

Bliss on an island.

Bliss on an island.

So I’m bringing it down and into clay. Wavy, magic, life giving, creation.

I’m not fighting you Mister You-Say-I’m-Lost. Instead, I be: Ferdinand the bull.


Here’s one now.

Bull in Maine

The air’s fresh.

A bald eagle just left on account of being harassed by a gull.


The carving in plaster feels good.


Here’s my work bench


and the view from it.


Tea tray.


The view from yoga time.


Fancy in the west.


I’m going to go kiss this bench now.

I drew a picture on this plaster.

Here’s the bull that’s going on some mugs next week.

Pottery in the Bull City

While in Maine, I’m making a stamp for the bull mugs plus doing some other things with my family. Like sailing, hiking, kayaking, and eating lobsters!

My dear friend Rochelle is hosting an event this month in Durham where you can have a great time having brunch & buying cool things- I’ll be there with the Bull Mugs.


Its at the Cookery in Durham, NC

Sunday, August 24, 11:30 am – 3:30 pm

For now, here are some of the things I see….

View from my work bench.

View from my work bench.

Bull mug stamp ingredients.

Bull mug stamp ingredients.

Time for heaps of tea.

Time for heaps of tea.





I’m going to get in my truck and drive to Maine real soon.

Right now, there are some new mugs coming out of the studio. Made by me.

Did you know that the Durham, NC flag has the constellation of the Pleiades?

I read here that Durham likes the bull and pleiades because the town began on my birthday, April 26, which is in the sign of Taurus. Fancy. The star system Pleiades is in the constellation Taurus. Some of us know the Pleiades as the 7 sisters. That’s how I learned about them, while lying on the snow between sledding down the hill as a child. My childhood friend, Melissa and I talked about the seven sisters a lot. Kind of like they were our friends.

The bulls and stars will arrive soon.

The bulls and stars will arrive soon.

Fun facts about the Pleiades:

1) If you want to ask them a question, you can go to Raleigh and hear them speak. I went by accident one time and they blew my mind, plus answered one of my life’s most persistent questions even though I had asked some other lame thing that I don’t remember.

2) Around here, in NC, USA, they come around on the dial and are easy see them in the winter time.

For now, time to get a handle on it.

For now, time to get a handle on it.

Pottery Cuties

Excuse me while I go away for some moments. I’ll be back.

In the meantime here are some sweet mugs that I just made for a family reunion… plus a poem.




Each cup has a logo for the family. The picture here shows only part of it because it’s top secret.


I heard tell that if a body

places her nose in a flower

that some magic will occur.

A moment where all is well,

oceans are cured

souls twangled

in a bliss that makes

eyes roll upwards,

deep in their sockets.

There are some noises that tell us this poison

cure does not exist.

Instead theres

empty hands

soiled cheeks

bruised knees.


Let’s Independence Ourselves with Mary

I have visited some of the Marys in their new homes.

They are independent of me now. They don’t rely on me to govern, mold or in anyway fashion them.

So sweet to see them out and about.

I noticed they all had light connected from their crown to the sky

but not to the ground.

Because they are the ground.

The Marys, like the feminine form, are a vessel.

Some folks have been going on about the feminine being a place that you can create things.

I noticed that too. Especially when I got pregnant with a baby.

Theres more to it than making babies.

You can go see for yourself.

Its Mother. Feminine as a cauldron of fixing solutions problem solving fantazimo.

For Mother of God’s sake, don’t take my word for it. You can run off on your own and do it yourself. It’ll be great.

Because Mary doesn’t require us to seek anywhere outside of ourselves. She’s a portal, mirror, gateway, reflection to our selves. The original source. Of Creation. Creating. Creative. Let’s do it. And clean up this mess around here.

Hey there Mother Mary. Its through you I can experience my own creative generative self. Thanks.

Hey there Mother Mary. Its through you I can experience my own creative generative self. Thanks.

Today I Wash Woolens

And put them out in the heat of the sun. These past months I got distracted from housework by Mary. Somehow she’s been much more appealing than domesticity.

Even though I was busted by some 70’s feminists while speaking of the beauty and value women’s work in the 80’s, I do get side tracked from home economics. Most of the time.

Tracked to visions. Dreaming. Making. Here’s a bit more of what happened on Solstice at The Advocate.

The first stop on the altar tour was the heart pine door. When the sun shines through it looks like this.

The first stop on the altar tour was the heart pine door. When the sun shines through it looks like this.

Grace touched the gong and made amazing noises.

Grace touched the gong and made amazing noises. My soul got healed.

Susan set up Laura's altar.

Susan set up Laura’s altar.

And here is the pregnant, barefoot Mary that LIsa shared with us.

And here is the pregnant, barefoot Mary that LIsa shared with us.

The drummers came inside.

The drummers came inside.

Oh heavens. They rocked the house.

Oh heavens. We rocked the house.

Boys and girls.

Boys and girls.

sang in spirit.

Brought in spirit.

the Marys liked it.

the Marys liked it.

And so did the Lisa's and Susan's

And so did the Lisa’s and Susan’s

There were people's feeling the drum from the floor.

There were people’s feeling the drum from the floor.

And some who danced in the back.

And some who danced in the back.

She was in side of us.

She was in side of us.

And still is.

And still is.

Now, I only know to tend to my house. Both my kids are home. What happiness. Dinner. The milk’s out again. Washing machine running full tilt. Hilarity on the porch. Mimosa scent up from the plank road makes me dizzy. Finally we have some smaller trees where I can get my nose right up in the blossoms.

Here’s a poem.


Let’s take a sip of sparkling something.

 And think of when our hands touched.

There was magic

of clay.

Right now

as we sit

theres reverberations

over lands and seas

waiting to return

be rejoined on

some rock


by water.

Snapshots of Solstice

Not really conducive to words

is what happened on Solstice.

For funzies though, I’ll share what I experienced. There was a heap of drumming in the chapel. With the Marys all lined up. We brought in spirit from the north. And the people used their bodies to raise the vibration. And then connected it with the earth.


Here are some snapshots of the altar tour:

IMG_4397 IMG_4391 IMG_4390 IMG_4387 IMG_4411 IMG_4418 IMG_4427

Marys at The Advocate

Today the Marys are at the chapel and the Altars to the Feminine Divine are glowing with the charge they received last night.

We filled the chapel with humans drumming and dancing and praying last night. Wow.

Altar tour today: 10am – 4pm

Mother Mary Talks: 2pm

Chants: 2:30pm


The Marys grounding the south window.

The Marys grounding the south window.

Mary at the South.

Mary at the South.

Sweetie pies.

Sweetie pies.

Oh my. The Advocate is a blessed place.

Oh my. The Advocate is a blessed place.


Mother Mary is Here

It is time to celebrate going towards the darkness into knowing.

Mother Mary can guide us.

I put her in clay for you.

Join us at the chapel:

S u s a n   W e l l s :   M o t h e r   M a r y   &

F e m i n i n e   D i v i n e   a t   S o l s t i c e


J u n e   2 0 ,   4 – 9 p m   &

J u n e   2 1 ,   1 0  a m  –  4 p m


S c u l p t u r e   E x h i b i t i o n ,  A l t a r   T o u r ,   A r t i s t   T a l k s


T h e   A d v o c a t e ,   8 4 1 0   M e r i n   R o a d ,   C h a p e l   H i l l ,   N C


Imprints from the sea.

Imprints from the sea.

She blessed the firing.

She blessed the firing.

Oh wow.

Oh wow.





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